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How it Works

Your Badgepack comes with one (or maybe more) surfaces covered in our highly specialised and adhesive Tact fabric. Soft to the touch but strong to the grip, the Tact fabric is the customisable part of your bag- allowing you to design your Badgepack and make it truly your own. Simply throw on whichever sets of badges you want and give your bag its special look. And whenever you want a change, just pull them off and put on new ones. It’s that easy to now have a new design every day!

Take Good Care

    In order to maintain the integrity of the TACT fabric which is unique in its properties of being both soft to the touch but strong to the grip and ensure years of personalisation and customisation, we request you to follow the following rules:
  • In case of washing the bag, please hand wash it in warm water.
  • After washing, please hand dry the bag and the TACT fabric. Do not tumble dry or dry clean your bag.
  • Do not brush, bleach or iron the TACT Fabric.
  • In case the Badgepack is not taken care of as advised, warranty will be deemed null and void.