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Our Story

In designing a wardrobe, a bag has always been that one element which has been frequently looked over. Despite its potential to be both, designed fashion and a multifunctional accessory, the choice has always come to having one or the other. And yet even when we have considered it a design element, we have been reserved in our ability to be able to truly inculcate it into our look because of the high investment, in both matters of money and time.

This got us thinking. We are easily able to change our clothes everyday- why can’t we do the same with our bags? Every day our design preferences and choices evolve. Whereas one day you may prefer a more retro look, the next you may want a jungle aesthetic. Shouldn’t both the clothing and accessories we use to describe ourselves be just as unique as we are ourselves?

With that vision in mind, Badgepack was born to captivate and stay true to who you are. Built around our specially treated and adhesive Tact fabric, we have designed a timeless collection of bags that bring together a high quality construction and a versatility in expressing your designs, your moods and your aesthetic.

This is the last bag you will ever need. With BadgePack, you can Always Be Truly You.